After launching last year in January, Fabrik's coming through the other side of the bear market with some real positive momentum. New core team, new vision and initiatives, same founder. Fabrik is undergoing a reboot of its entire ecosystem with a mission to connect people worldwide through art, fashion, and storytelling and become a leading platform for creativity, collaboration, and education in the web3 space.

Our Main Projects

Project Haus:
The Hausphases project grants exclusive access to emerging and established artists, connecting them to a global audience, and enriching the cultural landscape of the community.

Project Muri:
Our aim with Muri is to create a unique and interactive experience the community can share together,

Project Niwa:
The proprietary Niwa interface provides customizable character options for community members to express their unique style and personality.

Our Other Collections

Over the past two years, we've introduced various collections, with some intentionally designed to be smaller and more exclusive, catering to collectors, especially art enthusiasts. Additionally, we've created collections purely for enjoyment and entertainment. Here's an overview of the smaller collections we've launched.

Project Capies:
Capies was a free mint introduced during the Hausphases launch a year ago, evolving into adorable pixel art representations of capybaras.

Project Hauspets:
Hauspets was a free-claim event that took place two years ago exclusively for those who participated in Hausphases. It was designed to be a virtual pet akin to a Tamagotchi for individuals. Around a year ago, we also launched a beta game related to Hauspets.

Project HaruCity:
In every city, the need for plots is essential. With Harucity, we initiated a free claim event for muri-holders to secure their own plot. Later on, we unveiled various locations distributed across different cities within our storyline.

Project MFFVD:
On Valentine's Day, we distributed a free airdrop to Haus holders, with the intention of acquiring a Murakami painting and dividing it into pieces to distribute. Unfortunately, we encountered legal issues that forced us to temporarily suspend the project.

Project Algorithm:
Algorithms are a generative art drop created by Fabrik's Founder, Thomas. We introduced a free claim event for Haustokens last year and have plans to release additional algorithm drops that can be claimed in exchange for tokens in the future.

Project Flowerfriends:
We offered a free claim to MFFVD holders, which featured charming small avatars created by Haku.

Muri - A Next Generation Anime IP

Muri is the first major flagship project built under the Fabrik/Haus umbrella. From the unique art style and dark themes, it attracted a wide fan base and had a lot of success even in the beginning stages of the bear market. As the overall NFT art space matured, the vision for Muri has too.

The original vision for Muri included:

  • Custom Metaverse

  • IRL fashion, manga, and other strong IP developments

  • High tier anime series

While we remain unwaveringly committed to the Muri project, we've chosen to focus our energies more on its core strengths and strong IP usage. As such, we will be developing Muri without the metaverse, 3D, and game components. The rest, including IRL fashion, manga, and the high-tier anime series, remain central to the Muri ecosystem. The primary shift has been in the delivery timelines, not the vision itself. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and cost-effective approach, especially in capitalizing on our robust IP, we've undertaken pivotal steps to streamline our processes.

An experience from Fabrik by the artist, Haku

Customize your character the way you want.
‍Our goal is to utilize new and existing collaborations with known fashion brands to create a memorable experience through an NFT collection. Once the base character is revealed, access to swapping out items of clothing to fit your style will be made available. Some items will be available immediately by opening the first crate, a free airdrop for those who minted.

Additional crates will be available as airdrops or to purchase, with items inside ranging from common to legendary. We will also provide access for holders of certain NFT collections to claim special traits made in collaboration with projects and brands

Fabrik's Mission

Our mission at Fabrik is to build brands that have longevity, extending beyond the realm of cryptocurrency. Supported by our incredible community, we develop leading intellectual property brands. We currently reach over 10 million people monthly and collaborate with industry-leading partners to bring our products to life.

Fabrik is turning the image of collaborative work

We achieve this by providing a free service to any web3 project seeking assistance in various aspects. By delivering high-quality outcomes, we can guarantee comprehensive support for the project in any area it requires.
Moreover, the community plays a crucial role in determining the project's direction if the team is resistant or indifferent to the assistance. Our support services can easily exceed a production value of over $100k+ USD, and we are committed to covering these costs ourselves.

There are no hidden fees or charges, even after the service is completed. To participate or be considered for this opportunity, you'll need to submit your project to our list. Please note that we have a limited number of slots available each month for projects. Additionally, we regularly host Twitter events that communities can join when they are announced. View more about

Contributing to form the future of IP and web3.

The studio assists in forming a collective of creators dedicated to crafting groundbreaking IP-Brands, with the aim of revolutionizing the future of entertainment, education, and more. Currently, access is limited to holders within our ecosystem.