Understanding our ecosystem can be challenging at times, but it's certainly not a secret. Below, we provide important details about how our ecosystem operates and its key components.

Haus Modules: The Core of the Fabrik Ecosystem

Haus Modules are integral to the Fabrik ecosystem. Originally designed as limited edition NFTs, modules quickly exploded in popularity and became a core part of the platform.

Modules are categorized into three different rarities, each offering distinct rewards when staked. You can stake your module on, which will allow you to earn HausTokens, our native currency within the ecosystem.

Benefits of Owning a Haus Module

By holding a Haus Module, users can:

  • Generate Haus tokens to redeem for valuable digital and physical collectibles through limited edition raffles. Prizes have included rare trading cards, designer watches, and sought after art pieces. More prizes are coming in the future.

  • Get access to free mints, airdrops, and discounts for future collectibles in the Haus ecosystem

  • Earn daily Haus tokens based on the rarity level of their module.

As the ecosystem grows, more benefits and use cases will emerge for module holders. Previous Free Mints and Airdrops Some of the free mints and airdrops available so far include HausPets.

Our Token

When we first launched, we introduced HausTokens as a way to give back to our community while having them commit and trust us by staking their modules. Over time, we've developed numerous solutions to give back, and these have evolved into various possibilities connected to physical assets.

HausTokens will play a central role in our own marketplace, where you'll have the ability to mint assets and NFTs, as well as co-own physical pieces. This use of tokens ensures a stable and transparent image within our ecosystem. Furthermore, our tokens will primarily be used to enhance interactions with Niwa, a project currently in development. Niwa will be a fashion-based project featuring over 2000+ unique traits, all available for purchase with HausTokens, along with exclusive crates created in collaboration with other fashion brands.