Who’s the team behind Fabrik

To further enhance our ability to serve the community, we have brought on board some talented individuals from within the community to better support Fabrik as a whole and, most importantly, you - our valued community. We are excited to introduce you to our new team members and the roles they will be playing. At the heart of our core team are two of the original founders whose unwavering dedication has been integral to the success of Fabrik. The rest consists of committed existing and longstanding members, our team collaborates to achieve shared goals and sustain Fabrik as a thriving community.

Core Team

Thomas : Design nerd, gaming, fashion. Addicted to coffee, part-time curly hair model
Ben : is a thoughtful strategist, gamer, and shenaniganizer. Easily swayed by good food.
Shikamaru : Charlie, Audit, Cars, Gaming, Anime, Ramen.
Cobalt : Med student, Love cars and good wine.
Red : Software developer and cyberpunk fanatic. Plays guitar in his spare time.

Brand Curator

Fosters relationships and facilitates web2 connections between Fabrik and other brands.
Flaco : Hoops, art, fashion, gaming. Oddly obsessed with pumpkins

Community Team

Community Development Lead and Representatives: They are responsible for developing engagement strategies, fostering constructive interactions, and being the primary contact for collaboration opportunities.
Pug : Art Director from Amsterdam loves well-designed things, sneakers, space, and Apple. He's also a proud small pug owner.
Vera : phd candidate by day and web3 degen by night, who loves space pictures, formula1 and pizza BluEyes : Max tries to keep his mind busy by indulging in new hobbies, but he tends to forget about them two weeks later. He is proficient in concepting and communication.


They exist to maintain the integrity and positive atmosphere of our community by ensuring the chat feels welcoming, safe, and respected.
Bobby : Philly Bred Certified Vibe Checker with a love for all things vintage polo and anime.
Dug : Dug is an option trader and he loves to workout but besides having big biceps, he’s perusing CFA right now with the hopes of becoming a CFO at Fabrik someday
Fullmetalbruh : Homie found usually watching Anime or working in Web3

Commitment to the space

Our mission at Fabrik is to build brands that have longevity, extending beyond the realm of cryptocurrency. Supported by our incredible community, we develop leading intellectual property brands. We currently reach over 10 million people monthly and collaborate with industry-leading partners to bring our products to life.

At FabrikStudio, our mission is to elevate our community to new heights. We're excited to offer a treasure trove of resources to create and deliver top-notch animations, illustrations, branding, design, management, and beyond. Together, we'll embark on an amazing journey of creativity and growth.

Transforming Setbacks into Achievements

Setbacks are extremely difficult to face. However, they can also allow us to build up resilience and become stronger in the long run.
Identifying the root causes of the setback provide an opportunity to learn and create strategies to overcome future challenges. This additionally allows a team to figure out its weaknesses and figure out how to address them in an efficient manner. When mistakes are made, an opportunity is presented. To learn from them and not repeat them. By reflecting on our setbacks we have gained valuable insights and how to make the right decisions moving forward.

Dealing with setbacks help improve problem solving skills by becoming self aware. How to handle a situation, whether to take it on alone, or ask for help. Often times whichever the decision, the setback can help in identifying a better path. The one that culminates with continued opportunities that help push creativity. Breaking down boundaries of what was originally thought of.

Our Achievements

Over the past two years, our team has achieved numerous remarkable milestones. We successfully completed two mint-outs for our flagship collections, which included collections of 10,000 and 8,000 items, one in January and another in March of 2022.

We've also conducted successful free mints and claims for our holders and established collaborations with globally recognized brands, such as Riot Games, where we are presently involved in creating animations and illustrations for upcoming game developments. In line with our IP strategies, we also introduced free-to-claim clothing options for our token holders.

To date, October 12th, 2023, our ecosystem has generated a total volume of over 36.5k ETH on OpenSea alone, and we've maintained a remarkable statistic with approximately 50% unique holders participating in our flagship collections.

At Fabrik, we've achieved significant collaborations, partnering with successful web2 brands such as Apple, N26, Nike, R/GA, Coinbase, and most recently, Pokemon, LVMH and Riot Games.